Strategy game
27 december 2010

New project!

A new turn-based strategy game on the way! Awesome graphics in a futuristic war where you will enjoy annihilating your enemies using your own customized armies.

Choose the right units and weapons to fight in your own maps against A.I. or human players over the world!

A big project is coming...

15 october 2009
Zombie Exploder

Zombie Exploder released! It may have some bugs, so be patient until I fix them!

Zombie Exploder
4 march 2009

Something more...

The game is coming out soon!

Sorry for the delay, but there has been too much work and other matters. The project is still running, and I hope we can enjoy dismembering zombies soon!

Zombie Exploder
15 july 2008

Something about kicking zombies

A new game project is coming!
We like zombies, and we love exploding zombies... specially when you make three explode with a single punch.

The game still in progress so stay tuned for more info!

13 may 2008
Ownage Burst

At last! You can now play the complete version of Ownage Burst. This is the first release and it may have some bugs. If you notice something weird, please email me!

Ownage Burst
06 may 2008

Ownage burst almost finished!

The game is done at last! Theres only a couple of things left and some bugs to solve. I hope the game will be released within days..

It took a long time but don't worry, your patience will be greatly rewarded.

Ownage Burst
12 november 2007

Ownage burst DEMO released

Kill hundreds of enemies in this senseless action flash game. Avoid mortal shots while headshooting random baddies and then roll for cover with the lateral jump, or throw grenades to see them blown to pieces.

Bullets and explosions everywhere in a city where the only thing that matters is to survive... the cool way!!

Métele al ordenata

Have you ever been frustrated by a computer error? Now you can take revenge on all the dirty tricks your computer does! You can destroy a PC without any pain or cost. With the stress-relieving flash game METELE AL ORDENATA (Bash the computer) you are able to relax without regreting.



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